Lol who cares

Is esolang?

Lolwho.Cares is a eighteen-trit, stack-based esoteric language with instructions on a 2D grid.
Code in Lolwho.Cares may read and write it's own instructions (or data included in the program) at will.
The biggest possible number (due to VM constraints) is 222222222222222222 (base 3), 387420488 (base 10)

010 Swap top two values
012 Increment
020 Decrement
021 Duplicate
120 Discard
121 Add top two values
101 Sub top two values
102 Pop X, Y, value, then store
210 Pop X, Y, then load, push value
212 Input value
201 Output value
An operation may be shortened with the following rules:
  • The last character of the instruction is duplicated if another instruction follows without non-trit characters preceding, this becomes the "base" for the next instruction.
  • The remaining characters are "rounded up" when the last explicit character is on an even square.
  • It is not required to add another instruction immediately following the shortened instruction, and if omitted, the duplicate character should also be omitted.
The "base character" is "0", unless an instruction was just shortened. The meaning of "base character":
Base character Desired -> In code
0 (default) 0 -> 0, 1 -> 1, 2 -> 2
1 0 -> 1, 1 -> 2, 2 -> 0
2 0 -> 2, 1 -> 0, 2 -> 1
Rounding "up" or "down" means that the "highest" or "lowest" trit which does not match the previous character is picked.
Flow control:
^ Go up
v Go down
< Go left
> Go right
` Turn left if equal
, Turn right if equal
Note: Equal in this context means that the top entry on the stack is zero.
Data is inserted by trinary numbers between * and + (not required). Data with a zero length is equal to zero.

Program input: