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Welcome to my website!

My website is a place where i make write-ups about all my projects and magical thingies. On my website you'll find my breadboard cpu project, my experimenting with CPU design and having fun building a functional computer on breadboards. Personally, I'm into computers in all kinds of ways: designing CPU hardware, casual gaming from time to time, and programming ranging from an operating system for my CPU to sketching something fun and graphical up.

MCH is 2022 now

The entrance gate of SHA2017, the event preceding MCH2022

The entrance gate of SHA2017

MCH2021 was canceled a while ago when it became clear that some odd virus would make it unsafe.

Now, however there is good news: MCH2021 is now MCH2022. In other words, MCH2021 has been moved to 2022, exact date to be determined.

MCH2022 blog post, read more.

$ Until MCH2021

More ALU

The ALU of GR8CPU Rev3

The ALU of GR8CPU Rev3

Since last I wrote an update, i've made some more progress: the B register is now here and connected to the ALU. Next up is to connect the A, X and Y registers to the ALU, then the actual calculation. It's nearly time to calculate!

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GR8CPU Rev2, an 8-bit breadboard computer.

GR8CPU Rev2, an 8-bit breadboard computer.

GR8CPU is my project to build a fully functional computer on breadboards. The first version i built, GR8CPU revision 2, has easily over 600 wires, 74 integrated circuits and 79 LED lights. It is an 8-bit architecture with simplicity and processing power in mind. The CPU has access to 256 bytes of RAM, and i have written a fully functional Tic-Tac-Toe for it.

As of now, I'm working on building my second one, GR8CPU Rev3. The first CPU was loads of fun to work on, but my ambitions are higher: with 65536 bytes of memory, improved arithmetic and a much higher speed by design, this CPU is a contender for the most complex breadboard CPU ever made.

Whereas the flagship program for GR8CPU Rev2 is a game of Tic-Tac-Toe, the flagship program I'm working on now is a functional operating system inspired by the original unix, which is the grandfather of modern Linux, MacOS, BSD and android.

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