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Welcome to my website!

My website is a place where I make write-ups about all my projects and magical thingies. On my website you'll find my breadboard cpu project, my experimenting with CPU design and having fun building a functional computer on breadboards. Personally, I'm into computers in all kinds of ways: designing CPU hardware, casual gaming from time to time, and programming ranging from an operating system for my CPU to sketching something fun and graphical up.

I also have a blog now, where I'll be posting status updates on projects and alike. You can also sign up to my mailinglist while you're there, so you won't miss any new posts ;)

On the blog: Realtime 3D on an ESP32!

3D being rendered by an ESP32

3D being rendered by an ESP32

Recently, I found some Red/Cyan 3D anaglyph glasses, which inspired me to try 3D graphics again.

After some puzzling and overthinking deceptively simple math, I managed to render a 3D model with lighting, and even in 3D anaglyph!

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Joining MCH2022's Badge.Team

The Badge.Team mascot

The Badge.Team mascot

In summer 2020, I started volunteering for the MCH2022 Badge.Team. I really wanted to contribute, but at first I didn't know where to start. So, I tried making an app for the SH2017 badge.

That is when I realised. There is no way to perform transformations. There isn't even a way to draw a triangle!

So, I got to work creating some better graphics for them. And now, for the MCH2022 badge, I was asked to write the graphics stack.

Badge.Team website, read more.

GR8CPU (inactive project)

GR8CPU Rev2, an 8-bit breadboard computer.

GR8CPU Rev2, an 8-bit breadboard computer.

GR8CPU is my project to build a fully functional computer on breadboards. The first version i built, GR8CPU revision 2, has easily over 600 wires, 74 integrated circuits and 79 LED lights. It is an 8-bit architecture with simplicity and processing power in mind. The CPU has access to 256 bytes of RAM, and i have written a fully functional Tic-Tac-Toe for it.

As of now, I'm working on building my second one, GR8CPU Rev3. The first CPU was loads of fun to work on, but my ambitions are higher: with 65536 bytes of memory, improved arithmetic and a much higher speed by design, this CPU is a contender for the most complex breadboard CPU ever made.

Whereas the flagship program for GR8CPU Rev2 is a game of Tic-Tac-Toe, the flagship program I'm working on now is a functional operating system inspired by the original unix, which is the grandfather of modern Linux, MacOS, BSD and android.

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